"In Your Attic"
 Antique & Collectible 
9 n. Baltimore Ave.
   Mt Holly Springs, PA  / 717-486-3434

We are ...In Your Attic Antique & Collectible Consignments
and we are a Successful Online and In-house Re-seller.

We specialize in Antique and Collectible items. If you have that item that you want to sell, but you don't have time, then call us. We do not buy your item from you at a low price and resell it. We work for you. We will do as much research as possible, give you what we think is a fair market value and sell it for you at the best possible price. Win-Win for everybody!
It's easy to buy, but selling can become a challenge and...
that's where we come in.  
You pay nothing upfront. We provide you with an average market evaluation price that your item will sell for. It’s mutually beneficial for us to get the best price while satisfying buyer expectations.
We know pricing, sales copy, photography and how to list your item.
It is our aim to find for you the best possible sales platform for each item.
Your Success Is Our Success!
Social marketing plays a huge part in a successful sale. We provide constant posting and monitoring of your item on popular social media sites.

We do not charge you anything up front
Upon sale of your item, we cover all...Online and Payment Processing Fees.
We take care of Packaging and Shipping and Send You a Check.
You receive 65% of the final selling price.
We charge 45% of the final selling price
all costs included.
*Items that have to be shipped using a trucking company will be treated 
differently and will be evaluated on an individual basis*

Our Commission Includes:
 - Online Listing Fees  (ebay being free is only a myth)
 - Online Final Value Fees
 - Merchant Processing fees
 - Check Processing Fees
 - Costs associated with Shipping/Handling
Unlike regular consignment stores that charge 55% - 65%, our commissions are 35%!
Depending upon listing style, with very few exceptions, we carry all Online Listing Fees, Online Final Value Fees and PayPal / Merchant transaction fees.
We take care of the packaging and shipping.
Special terms may apply for items individually sold at...
$15000.00 and above. 
Terms And Conditions:
We accept individual items, with a minimum re-sale value of...
$50.00 and higher.
We reserve the right to refuse any items at our discretion.
All items sell "as is" and we offer buyers a return policy only for grave misrepresentations. Item descriptions therefore need to be accurate.
  • First of all we will come to you if need be. We offer free  onsite evaluation. We can store the item for you until it sells or you can certainly hold onto the item until it sells, I will need access to get sufficient photographs, description and specific markings.    
  • We do the listing research for your item. We have the tools in place to determine the best selling opportunities for your item. Our listings are professional and clean, buyers spend more time looking at your item than looking for it.
  • We take professional, high resolution pictures of your item. Our customized listing software allows us to put up as many photos as necessary to promote your item.
  • We handle all emails and phone calls concerning your item. While you're busy at work or enjoying vacation, we keep track of your auction and reply promptly to all inquiries from potential buyers.
  • We collect the payment from customer. We are able to accept all forms of payments, thus making it easier for buyers to buy your item.
We professionally package and ship your items. Forget the hassle of looking for a box that will fit your item and the long lines at the post office. We have a fully stocked packaging area and insured carriers willing to send your item all over the world.
I have successfully shipped to many countries from Singapore to Russia!
I also have a Freight Shipper in place for those large, heavy items!.. we have shipped items that weigh 7lbs. to 700lbs.
We provide a fast, simple, and convenient way to sell items. All steps of the selling process are provided including creating a professional listing, addressing buyer concerns, collecting secure payment and safe shipping of your items. 
Jeanette Warner
9 N Baltimore Ave.
Mt Holly Springs, PA 17065
Serving South Central PA and Beyond!
717-486-3434 or
shoot us an email:

Please Come and Visit Us at Our Retail Shop
"In Your Attic" Antiques
9 N. Baltimore Ave.
Mt Holly Springs, PA 17065
Just South Of Carlisle on Route 34
Store Hours: 
Because of 2 very difficult and Life Changing Events
I have to change my hours of Operation
I will be online Every Minute of Every Day
Unfortunately the Retail shop will have limited hours
This is a temporary situation
Open Saturday and Sunday from...
10am to 5pm
Any week night evening by request and/or appt.
However if you see something you just can't live without...
shoot me an email or a phone call and we can accommodate you.
** Please call or email us to make an appt. for consigning...
we are very flexible and...
will work with you on appt. day and time**

What's In Your Attic?
Currently Accepting Consignments
Antique, Vintage, Retro and Collectibles
Large and Small
Furniture, Advertising, Toys, Glassware, Tools, Books, Primitive, and Vintage.
Have you been hoarding...I mean Collecting for years?
Looking to downsize or thin out your collection?
Let us help you.
We now offer both on-line and in-house sales.
Call or Come and see us for a free consultation on your item(s)
We only charge a fee when it Sells!
Items must be in Sale-able Condition...to a buyer condition is everything, if you wouldn't buy it... nobody else will want to either.
Keep this in mind when wanting to Consign.
Always looking for that one of a kind unusual item!


1. Your items must be in Sale-able Condition (not broken)

2. No more than 10 items at a time
(unless it is a set or approved ahead of time)

 3. We take Consignments by Appt Only.
We need to know when you are coming and...
what you are bringing. (717-486-3434)

4. We may choose to not accept your item(s)
this will depend upon condition and sale-ability

5. We charge a flat fee of 35% of the final selling price and...
We Pay at the End of Each Month

6. If it is not sold in 60 days we will talk to you about
reducing the price or taking it back.

7. We are Good at Hard To Sell, High Dollar...
Rare Items... don't bring us your Yard Sale Stuff...
bring that item that will Make Us Both Some Money!

Nothing Like A Good Book On The Subject!


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